RRB Allahabad ASM Exam Solved Question Paper

RAILWAY RECRUITMENT BOARD Allahabad ASM Exam Solved Question Paper

1. Prambikulam Dam has been an issue of dispute between

A) Karnataka and Kerala

B) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka C) Tamil Nadu and Kerala

D) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

2. India’s maximum tax revenue comes from A) Corporation tax B) Income tax C) Excise duty D) Customs duty

3. Thomas Cup is associated with

A) Badminton B) Billiards

C) Lawn Tennis D) Table Tennis

4. Who wrote the book, Never Gandhi Not Again?

A) R.K. Narayan B) Omesh Saigal C) Arun Shourie D) Narsirnha Rao

5. The cost price of 18 articles is equal to the selling

price of 15 articles. The gain per cent is A) 15% B) 20% C) 25% D) 18%

6. A is the father of X. B is the mother of Y. The sister of X and Z is Y. Which of the following statements is not true?

A) B is the wife of A B) B has one daughter C) Y is the son of A D) X is the sister of Z

7. X told Y, “It is true that I am your real brother, but you are not my sister”. How would Y be possibly related to X?

A) Cousin B) Friend C) Brother

D) Cannot be determined

8. From the given choices, select the one which can be formed by using the letters of the given word : TRANSFORMATION


9. From the given choices, select the one which can be formed by using the letters of the given word: MEASUREMENT


10. A pipe of diameter ‘d’ can drain a certain water tank in 40 minutes. The time taken by a pipe of diameter ‘2d’ for doing the same job is

A) 50 min. B) 10 min. C) 20 min. D) 80 min.

11. For the implantation of ovum in the ovaries, the

hormone produced is

A) Oxytocin B) Prolactin

C) Progesterone D) None of these

12. In human body the ratio of Red Blood Corpuscles

and White Blood Corpuscles is ….

A) 300 : 1 B) 400 : 1 C) 500 : 1 D) 600 : 1

13. One of the digestive juices that lacks enzymes but

aids digestion is

A) Bile B) Succus entericus C) Chyme D) Chyle

14. Which of the following planets has been named

after the Roman goddess of love?

A) Mars B) Jupiter C) Saturn D) Venus 15. The Swine Flu virus is denoted by A) H 1 N 5 , B) N 1 H 2 C) H 1 N 1 D) N 5 N 1

16. Which type of economy exists in India?

A) Socialist B) Mixed C) Capitalist D) Rural

17. National Stock Exchange is located in A) Mumbai B) Kolkata C) Chennai D) New Delhi

18. Which of the following pollutes the air of big cities?

A) Copper B) Lead

C) Chromium D) Copper Oxide

19. What is Zero Hour?

A) When the Parliament discusses the proposals of the Opposition

B) Time of recess

C) It is the Question Hour D) None of these 20. The session of Parliament is called ………….

(minimum) in a year

A) twice B) four times C) six times D) thrice

21. Echo is heard when the reflecting surface is A) of less volume B) of large area C) of less area D) of large volume

22. The substance coated on plastic tape recorder tapes


A) Zinc oxide B) Magnesium oxide C) Iron sulphate D) Iron oxide 23. Dronacharya Award is presented to a

A) Sports coach B) Chess champion C) Hockey player D) Cricket player

24. ‘A Bond with the Mountains’ is a collection of short

stories by

A) Khushwant Singh B) Ruskin Bond C) Graham Greene D) R.K. Narayan

25. Which country patented its famous automatic rifle


A) Russia B) China C) Afghanistan D) Spain

26. 12 copies of a book were sold for Rs. 1800, thereby gaining the cost price of 3 copies. The cost price of a copy is

A) Rs. 120 B) Rs. 150 C) Rs. 1200 D) Rs. 1500

27. A sum of money was invested at a certain rate for 2 years. Had it been invested at 3% higher rate of interest, it would have fetched Rs.450 more. The sum invested was

A) Rs. 7500 B) Rs. 600 C) Rs. 5000 D) Rs. 4500

28. A sum of money put out at compound interest amounts to Rs.16900 in 2 years and to Rs. 17576 in 3 years. Find the rate of interest per annum. A) 4% B) 5% C) 10% D) 6%

29. On what sum of money will the compound interest for 3 years at 5% per annum amount to Rs. 630.50? A) Rs. 1200 B) Rs. 1261 C) Rs. 4000 D) Rs. 3000

30. A sum of Rs. 625 is made up of 80 currency notes which are of either Rs. 10 or Rs. 5 denomination. The number of Rs. 10 notes are A) 35 B) 45 C) 40 D) 30

31. The average age of 8 persons in a committee is increased by 2 years when two men whose ages are 35 years and 45 years are replaced by two women. The average age of two women is (in years) A) 40 B) 42 C) 48 D) 45

32. One-fourth of a certain journey was covered at an average speed of 45km/hr; one third at the speed of 48 km/hour and the remaining journey at the speed of 50 km/ hour. The average speed of the whole journey in km/hour. is

A) 54 B) 51 C) 48 D) 46

33. Visitors to a show were charged Rs.150.00 each on the first day, Rs.75.00 on the second day and Rs.25.00 on the third day and the total attendance on the three days were in the ratio 2 : 5 : 13 The average charge per person for the whole show is A) Rs. 75.00 B) Rs. 60.00 C) Rs. 50.00 D) Rs. 55.00

34. Preeti has a son, named Arun. Ram is Preeti’s brother: Neeta too has a daughter named Reema. Neeta is Ram’s sister. What is Aurn’s relationship to Reema?

A) Brother B) Nephew C) Cousin D) Uncle

35. Pointing to a woman a man said, “Her mother is the, only daughter of my mother:” How is the man related to the woman?

A) Father B) Brother

C) Paternal Uncle D) Maternal Uncle

36. Which of the following rivers does not fall into Bay

of Bengal?

A) Mahanadi B) Tapti C) Godavari D) Krishna 37. Pitty and organic soils are found in

A) Kerala B) Maharashtra

C) Andhra Pradesh D) Tamil Nadu

38. The highest peak of south India is A) Anaimudi B) Doda Beta C) Amarkantak D) MahendraGiri

39. If the length of a simple pendulum is doubled, its

time period will

A) increase B) decrease

C) remain constant D) None of these

40. Which of the following reacts sharply with oxygen?

A) Al B) Cu C) Fe D) Zn

41. Bees and houseflies are related to the group

A) Insects B) Worms

C) Animals D) None of these

42. Choose the odd one in the following.

A) 3 B) 5 C) 7 D) 9

43. The first grand slam tennis tournament of the year


A) Wimbledon Open B) US Open

C) French Open D) Australian Open

44. At Kelvin scale, the normal temperature of human

body is

A) 290 B) 310 C) 300 D) 30

45. The monopolistic rule of East India Company was brought under the direct control of British Empire in

A) 1793 B) 1784 C) 1773 D) 1781

46. Of the three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third. If the average of the three numbers is 44, the largest number is A) 24 B) 72 C) 36 D) 108

47. Of the three numbers whose average is 60, the first is one fourth of the sum of the others. The first number is …

A) 30 B) 36 C) 42 D) 45

48. The average of a family of 5 members is 24 years. If the age of youngest member is 6 years, find the average age of the family at the birth of the youngest member.

A) 23 1/2 years B) 20 years C) 22 1/2 years D) 18 years

49. 9 men went to a hotel 8 of them spent Rs. 30 each over their meals and then 9th spent Rs. 20 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. The total money spent by them was

A) Rs. 292.50 B) Rs. 272.50 C) Rs. 312.50 D) Rs. 325.50

50. In a cricket team of eleven players, one player weighing 42 kg. is injured and his place is taken by another player. If the average weight of the team is increased by 100 grams as a result of this, then the weight of the new player is

A) 43.1 kg. B) 43.01 kg. C) 43.50 kg. D) 42.9 kg.

Directions (Qns. 71-75): In each of the following questions, find the next term to fill the blank space indicated by ‘?’ mark. 51. 20, 32, 45, 59, 74, ?

A) 95 B) 90 C) 85 D) 79

52. 210, 195, 175. 150, 120, ?

A) 75 B) 80 C) 85 D) 90

53. 3, 5, 10, 12, 24, 26, ?

A) 52 B) 30 C) 28 D) 48

54. 3, 8, 15, 24, 35, ?

A) 42 B) 48 C) 49 D) 53

55. 5, 16, 49, 148, ?

A) 440 B) 441 C) 443 D) 445

56. How many sovereign countries are members of the

United Nations?

A) 180 B) 193 C) 185 D) 183

57. Who received one of Pakistan’s highest civilian awards Nishane-Imtiaz for his extraordinary contribution in the field of art?

A) Amitabh Bachchan B) Nasiruddin Shah C) M.E Hussain D) Dilip Kumar 58. The book “The Insider” is written by A) P.V. Narasimha Rao B) Shobha De

C) Vikram. Chandra D) Khushwant Singh

59. Which of the following is not related to vitamin ‘B’

complex group?

A) Thiamin B) Retinol C) Folic acid D) Riboflavin

60. Bhatnagar Award is given for significant

contribution in the field of

A) Economics B) Agriculture C) Literature

D) Science and Technology

61. Golda Meir was the woman Prime Minister of

A) England B) France C) Sri Lanka D) Israel

62. How many members are nominated by the

President for the Council of States? A) 10 B) 11 C) 15 D) 12

63. Magellan Strait is located between/at

A) Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans B) the south and end of Africa C) China and Japan

D) the south end of South America

64. Who was the founder of the Satya Shodhak Samaj’?

A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy B) Sri Narayan Guru C) Jyotirao Phule

D) Ishwarchand Vidyasagar

65. Which of the following does not touch the boundary

of Myanmar’?

A) Mizoram B) Manipur C) Nagaland D) Tripura

66. Parliamentary elections in India were not held in

A) 1996 B) 1997 C) 1998 D) 1999

67. Ghumar is a folk dance of

A) Jammu and Kashmir B) Punjab C) Himachal Pradesh D) Rajasthan

68. National Metallurgical Laboratory is located in

A) Jamshedpur B) Bhilai C) Durgapur D) Rourkela

69. The language of the Union Territory of

Lakshadweep is

A) Tamil B) Hindi C) Malayalam D) Telugu

70. Rajiv Gandhi KhelRatna award 2004 was given to

A) P. T. Usha B) SaniaMirza

C) Rajya Vardhan Rathore D) Anju Bobby George

71. A certain job was assigned to a group of men to do in 20 days. But 12 men did not turn up for the job and the remaining men did the job in 32 days. The original number of men in the group was A) 32 B) 34 C) 36 D) 40

72. A certain number of men can do a work in 60 days. If there were 8 men more it could be finished in 10 days less. How many men were there in the beginning?

A) 40 B) 35 C) 45 D) 50

73. 12 men and 18 boys working 7 1/2 hours a day can do a certain work in 60 days. If one man works equal to 2 boys, then the number of boys required to help 21 men to do twice the work in 50 days, working 9 hours a day, will be

A) 30 B) 42 C) 48 D) 90

74. The average expenditure of a man for the first five months is Rs. 1200 and for the next seven months is Rs.1300. Find his monthly average income if he saves Rs. 2900 during the year?

A) Rs. 1500 B) Rs. 1475 C) Rs. 1450 D) Rs. 1425

75. The average temperature for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was 40°C. The average for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 41°C. If on Thursday temperature is 45°C, what was it on Monday? A) 40°C B) 41°C C) 42°C D) 43.5°C

Answers sheet Indian Railway

Qns. Ans. Qns. Ans. Qns. Ans. 1 C 26 A 51 B 2 A 27 A 52 C 3 A 28 A 53 A 4 B 29 C 54 B 5 B 30 B 55 D 6 C 31 C 56 B 7 C 32 C 57 D 8 C 33 C 58 A 9 A 34 C 59 B 10 B 35 D 60 D 11 C 36 B 61 D 12 D 37 D 62 D 13 A 38 B 63 A 14 D 39 A 64 C 15 C 40 C 65 D 16 B 41 A 66 B 17 A 42 D 67 D 18 B 43 D 68 A 19 C 44 B 69 C 20 A 45 B 70 C 21 B 46 B 71 A 22 D 47 B 72 A 23 A 48 D 73 B 24 B 49 A 74 A 25 A 50 A 75 C


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